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V60 Plastic Dripper, Transparent


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Get started brewing delicious coffee with this special set containing a plastic V60 dripper (Choose between 01, 02 and 03 size). 

The HARIO V60 dripper is ideal for discovering and trying out delicious coffees. The V60 is the dripper of choice for coffee professionals around the world, is extremely versatile and approachable, and is considered the gold standard for coffee drippers. Take a look below to find out what makes the V60 so special!

With the 01 and 03 Dripper size you will get 40 pcs of filterpaper included to get you started with brewing coffee. With the 02 size dripper there will be a mesuring spoon included instead. 

V60 Feature 1: Cone Shape

The V60's cone shape allows the coffee to become layered vertically in larger amounts than on the flat surface of a traditional trapezoid dripper. The V60 lets the hot water flow toward the centre, allowing for longer contact between the water and the coffee, ensuring a proper extraction of taste and aromatic constituents from your favourite coffee.

V60 Feature 2: Spiral Ribs

When the coffee is saturated with water, the high inner ribs do not hinder its expansion. A layer of air is created between the paper and the dripper, and the twisted ribs prevent the paper from sticking to the sides, letting the air through and allowing the grounds to expand adequately. This promotes a smooth extraction.

V60 Feature 3: One Single Large Hole

The V60 features one large hole at the bottom of the dripper, as opposed to several smaller ones in traditional trapezoid drippers. This makes the tip of the filter paper protrude through the hole, which in turn allows the hot water, unrestricted by the dripper, to perform extraction closer to that of a cloth filter. By changing the speed of pouring, you can brew coffee with your preferred taste, stronger or lighter.

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