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Rocket R Nine One Espresso Machine

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R Nine One from Rocket Espresso is designed by the Italian engineer Ennio Berti who wanted to achieve even more precise temperature stability for each espresso to be perfect. With water-filled brew groups to promote temperature stability through PID-controlled electronics in the boilers made entirely of stainless steel, one can at least say that he succeeded.

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R Nine One is made for the professional home barista and for smaller servings who want to serve really good coffee. Ergonomically good steam knob with two holes gives really strong pressure on the steam. The milk is ready in a few seconds just like on espresso machines for commercial use.

Rocket Espresso R Nine One is a well-designed professional espresso machine that looks really nice both in the small café and at home in the kitchen. This machine has a unique design and capacity for its size. The espresso machine has a built-in water tank but can also be connected to water and sewage.

Perhaps the foremost specification that makes the R Nine One an espresso machine by far is the brew profiles. The ability to customize 5 unique bridge profiles means that you can experiment around for almost too long. Within its brewing profiles you can set 5 different parameters, this means that you can set 5 different pressure and time settings in the same brewing. So, if you would like to imitate a leva machine (espresso machine that you manually create pressure by pulling down a vertical lever) then you can program a profile so that you for example for (1) 5 seconds run 12 bar, (2) 6 seconds run 11 bar, (3) 4 seconds run 10 bar, (4) 4 seconds run 9 bar and finish by running (5) 8 bar for 6 seconds. Here you have chosen to change the pressure and time 5 times, which is the maximum number. The pressure can be set between 0.1–12 bar. Nowadays, it is common to want to make a so-called pre-infusion, which means that you soak the coffee a little before you start the actual brewing. Some claim that this makes a significant difference while others claim that it is barely noticeable. Why not create two different profiles, one of which uses pre-infusion and the other brews in the traditional way? Try it out for yourself and find your own answer.

All of these settings can be easily found in the digital display on the Rocket Espresso R Nine One. Page 2 of the menu shows a graph symbol in the bottom right corner, click on it to change the profiles. The left column indicates time and the right column indicates pressure. Please read the accompanying manual to see exactly how everything is set up.

Once you have set your profile and brew, a graph on the digital display will show the pressure and time continuously. For the crazy coffee lover, this is an awesome experience that enables absolute perfection. Just look at the curve and assess if something could be improved for the next time. Not only does it look cool, it also helps quite a bit.

Rocket Espresso R Nine One is equipped with a water-filled brew group, which in principle means that the flow between the group and the cooker is continuous. This means that the temperature is always the same, which means that the results are incredibly even cup to cup. The R Nine One is also equipped with a volumetric permanent magnet pump. This means a quieter, more stable brewing of your espresso.

Not only can you make really good coffee on the R Nine One, it is also very practical with its programmable on-off function. Within a 24 hour span, you can set it to turn off and on twice. This means that the coffee machine can be ready for use when you get up in the morning and are in great need of coffee. Then turn it off just in time until you go to work and then turn it on so that the evening's coffee after dinner is also excellent. And during the night it is turned off to save energy and thus the environment.

The new steam system is equipped with a pressure sensor that makes a big difference for the barista who wants to produce many perfect cups in a row. The previous NTC temperature sensor that previous models have had works so that when the barista opens the steam, it takes up to 15 seconds for a noticeable difference in temperature to be noticed by the sensor. Once it senses a difference, it signals the system to turn on the element to maintain the heat in the boiler and thus also the pressure. This means that a certain uneven pressure may occur in view of the time delay. The new pressure sensor sends a signal of pressure change immediately when the barista opens up the steam. At this moment, the sensor makes sure that the system finds out about this and turns on the element immediately. This makes the steam pressure more even than ever and the hard-working barista never has to think that a certain difference can occur. In short, the older one is a temperature sensor and the new one a pressure sensor, which increases the temperature stability when frothing milk.

The R Nine One comes with a single handle, a double handle, a nude filter handle, a tamper, a cleaning brush, a blind strainer and a water connection hose.

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