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Rocket Faustino Coffee Grinder

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Faustino from Rocket Espresso is a solid espresso grinder that follows in the footsteps of its big brother Fausto. Its compact design does not stand in the way of efficiency and especially not of silence; it is unlikely that the remaining households will wake up when Faustino grinds (which surely most coffee lovers with family have long struggled with…).

This direct grinding coffee grinder has two programmable programs and the option of manually controlled dosing. The elegant touch panel selects programs and adjusts time settings. The display is easy to use, to say the least, press the R for activation and then just select single, double or manual to start grinding. Micrometer adjustment via the knob on top ensures a perfect degree of grinding.

The bean holder has a capacity of 320 grams, which is very suitable for the coffee lover who barely has time to come home with a new coffee bag before it runs out. With size 3 of Allen key, the prayer holder can be attached to the grinder. The powerful 210 W motor allows Faustino to grind out about 1 gram of coffee per second. This is a difference from Fausto which has a motor of 500 W which means that the speed is lower on the Faustino.

Faustino's stylish and straightforward design works very well next to a semi-pro espresso machine of any size thanks to Faustino's slightly smaller design. Compared to the big brother Fausto, Faustino is perhaps a little better suited for the slightly more stripped-down and smaller semi-pro coffee machines. But there is nothing wrong with matching the Faustino with a larger machine such as an R60V, after all, it can look really cool to break the style a bit.

The entry of espresso beans on Faustino is adjusted with a flat tray that you can easily pull from or towards the grinder. If you want to remove the bean holder from Faustino but there are still espresso beans left inside, you can push in the flat tray so that it covers the entire opening and then spin the bean holder upwards. This can be done to advantage if you want to clean the mill or assume that a problem has arisen in the mill. To clean the Faustino, the prayer holder must be removed and a dose of Pulygrind poured into the grinder. Then place the prayer holder back in place. Grind the Pulygrind crystals together with coffee until no crystals come out of the grinder, a couple of portions are usually required.

Rocket Espressos Faustino is equipped with flat grinding wheels in hardened steel of 50 millimeters in circumference. This is one of the bigger differences from the big brother Fausto whose grinding discs have a circumference of 65 millimeters. This difference mainly results in a slightly longer grinding time for the little brother Faustino and a little less evenness in the grinding.

The degree of grinding of the coffee grinder can be adjusted steplessly with the help of a knob. If you want adjustment, turn the knob a little at a time. If the Faustino coffee grinder is set reasonably appropriately, only a small change is usually needed. To check when the coffee grinder is set correctly, you can grind coffee into an espresso and then brew it. Try until the espresso is brewed at the right pace at the right time (25 milliliters in 25 seconds).

Faustino comes in 4 different designs: black, chrome, chrome / copper and chrome / white. The latter two have two punctured holes filled with matching color for the Rocket Espresso Appartamento.

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