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Rocket Cronometro R Espresso Machine

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Rocket's Espresso Cronometro R model series has a heat exchanger with extremely precise PID temperature control with a rotary pump which is used in commercial espresso machines. Cronometro R is available in two different designs; Mozzafiato which has flat side panels and Giotto which has Rocket's classic design. The espresso machine has a well-thought-out E61 group with integrated pre-infusion. Since the Cronometro R has a rotary pump, you now have the opportunity to directly connect the machine to a water source and thus avoid having to refill the internal water tank.

More information

Cronometro R has a heat exchanger with PID temperature control, extremely quiet rotary pump used in commercial espresso machines and you now have the option to directly connect the machine to a water source. The machine has a discreet brew timer that is placed above the power button and starts as soon as you activate the pump by pulling up the lever.

Features and performance

We at Barista and Espresso love that with Rocket Cronometro R you can now directly connect to a water source. The advantage of direct connection is that you never have to think about filling up the internal water tank and risk running the machine empty without water, which can damage the internal components. The second advantage is that by direct connection you can install a simple and good water filtration system such as BWT as we recommend, where it filters out all harmful particles and you no longer need to descale the machine when you have such a suitable water filtration. Rocket is one of the first espresso machine manufacturers to include PID temperature control in their espresso machines with heat exchangers. PID means that the tolerance on temperature stability is only ± 1 degree.

The PID control is hidden behind the drip tray so as not to ruin the beautiful design of the espresso machine and can be adjusted based on four different settings that are adapted for four different types of roasting. Rocket is also one of the few manufacturers that has modernized and improved its E61 groups. The function of the E61 group is to circulate hot water from the heating system to the brewing group in order to maintain a stable temperature.

What Rocket has done is to integrate a "dual" pre-infusion system in its Cronometro R, which means that it has a so-called "static" pre-infusion chamber that lets through and saturates the coffee puck which is also integrated with a mechanical part with a compression spring and the flask gradually releases the pressure to give a soft and stable brew to give the good aroma and the thick cream. Together with its well-thought-out E61 group and PID temperature control, the Cronometro R can deliver extremely precise espresso shots and dominates its price range in the market.

Internally, the Cronometro R has a 1.8 liter heating element with a power of 1200 watts that has integrated level meters that remind you when it's time to refill if you have not chosen to connect the espresso machine directly and for safety reasons turn off the machine if it notices the water level is completely too low. Rockets Cronometro R also has height-adjustable legs and a "no-burn" steam stick.

One of the reasons we love Rocket espresso machines is their accessories. They always include a complete training guide with a USB stick with extra content to help you get started with your espresso machine. Also that they include high quality all metal tampers which not many other manufacturers do.

Reasons why you should buy a Cronometro R

Rocket Cronometro R is a reliable and stylish espresso machine that is a fully capable espresso machine with internal components used in commercial espresso machines. With a well-thought-out E61 group, PID temperature control and rotary pump, it can repeatedly deliver extremely precision safe espresso. An absolute dream machine for a home barista. If you have limited space, we can highly recommend Rocket Appartamento, which is Rocket's most compact espresso machine. If you are looking for an espresso machine with separate boilers for brewing and steam, we can recommend Rocket R Cinquantotto.



Cronometro R


Rocket Espresso Milano


Chrome, White, Black


335 mm


440 mm


425 mm

Weight (Net)

27.8 kg


1200 W

Electrical connection

230V / 10A

Eco-saving mode



Yes, temperature



Material outer shell

Stainless steel

Material heat exchanger

Brass and copper

Max cup height

9 cm

Boiler capacity

1.8 L

Fresh water tank capacity

2.5 L

Solenoid valve


Cup tray


Portafilter size

58 mm

Portafilter cup type

Not pressurized

Heating system

Heat exchanger

Pump type

Rotary pump

Temperature control

PID control

Certified NSF / ANSI standard


Water source

Internal water tank or direct connection

Auto Off / On


A silent rotary pump

Rocket Cronometro R has a commercial rotary pump with the option
to be able to set the pressure level to be able to set the desired pressure during brewing. Rocket has redesigned the internal configuration of the pump to increase efficiency and reduce noise, making Rocket's Cronometro R one of the quietest espresso machines with a rotary pump on the market.

Direct connection to water source

The button allows you to choose between the internal water tank of 2.5 liters or direct connection to a water source. We recommend installing a BWT water filtration system if you choose to direct connection which removes the risk of limescale and deposits. This leads to a better taste of coffee and more durable for the machine to maintain the machine's performance.

PID temperature control

Usually, espresso machines with heat exchangers require cooling the machine by rinsing through hot water after using the steam stick or before brewing if the machine has been on for a long period. By
integrating a PID regulated temperature control no longer requires flushing before use. The PID control has 4 different programs adapted for four different types of roasting to get the best out of the beans.

Rockets E61 brewing group

A traditional E61 group, hot water is constantly circulated between the heating unit and the brewing group for stable temperature. Rocket has developed a modern double pre-infusion group that has a mechanical function that ensures that the entire coffee puck is saturated with hot water before brewing to give the best result. .

Rockets "No-Burn" stainless steel steam stick

Appartamento has a so-called "No-Burn" steam stick which is patented by Rocket Espresso Milano. This means that you can no longer burn yourself on the steam stick, which also gives a safer use. The steam stick has two holes and is activated by the black knob. The steam stick performs best when the pressure gauge shows around 1 bar.

Rocket espresso machine model comparison

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