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Rocket Espresso Boxer Timer Commercial Espresso Machine

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Rocket Espresso Boxer Timer is a commercial espresso machine with fantastic performance, simple volume settings, integrated shot timer. Rocket Boxer Timer is a perfect compact espresso machine for you who need a machine that produces low to medium quantity of coffee drinks. The espresso machine is built so that the barista can work as efficiently and easily as possible with a so-called "No-burn" steam stick that stays cold on the outside so that the barista does not burn during milk frothing. Rocket Boxer Timer can be ordered as a 1-group or 2-group espresso machine.

Features and performance

Advanced temperature stability:Thanks to the "Thermosiphon" system, Rocket Boxer Timer can offer very good temperature stability, which is one of the most important part.

Automatic functions:Rocket Boxer Timer provides four programmable volume buttons per group of head to get equally good espresso after espresso. A regular cleaning is important to maintain the performance of the machine, hence it is always important to perform a daily "Backflush", ie to clean through the espresso machine. You no longer need to do this step with Rockets Boxer Timer as it has an automatic "Backflush" function that is activated every night.

No burn steam stick:Usually the steam stick on an espresso machine gets extremely hot and as a result baristors can burn themselves on it. With Rocket Boxer Timer, you have a steam stick that can not get hot on the outside and thus a safer espresso machine. There is also a steam stick on each side of the espresso machine with simple knobs to activate the steam.

An efficient cooker:Boxer Timer has a copper kettle of 13.2 liters with an output of 4300 watts.

Perfect finish:All panels and polished to perfectly shiny surfaces. All components and parts are carefully hand-built and assembled in Milan Italy.



Boxer Timer 2-Group, Boxer 1-Group


Rocket Espresso Milano


61.2 kg


471 mm


630 mm


490 mm

Electrical connection

400V 3x10A

Max power

4300 watts

Boiling capacity

13.2 liters

Heating system

Heat exchanger



Temperature control

Pressure switch

Number of Group Heads

2 pcs

Number of steam sticks

2 pcs

Brewing hours


Programmable volume settings


Automatic cleaning function


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