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Profitec Pro 400

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Now we have opened for pre-order!We are pleased to inform you that now you can pre-order Profitec Pro 400, our first batch will leave the warehouse in Germany at the end of June. All pre-orders made before the 22nd of June will be able to get their machine in our first batch. We also offer you who pre-order a free Profitec Tamper, tamper mat and a 350ml Milk Jug which together is worth SEK 1250.

Profitec 400 is a small and compact espresso machine with a heat exchanger and built-in pre-infusion function. It has a vibration pump with a classic E61 brew head and is powered by an internal fresh water tank with a capacity of 2.8 liters.

Who is it for?

Pro 400 built to last the rest of its life, build quality and finish are extraordinary. Together with the features that come with the Pro 400, this espresso machine is perfect as your first espresso machine or your second espresso machine for a coffee enthusiast. If you have limited space but do not want to compromise on either bridge capacity or quality, the Pro 400 is perfect for you. It is absolutely capable of brewing several espresso and latte drinks in a row!

Profitec Pro 400 is for you if:

  • Looking for an espresso machine that gives you the opportunity to dive deep into espresso brewing with pre-infusion and be able to brew your own recipes that suit you.
  • Looking for an upgrade option for you who have previously had an espresso machine with a simple cooker.
  • For you who want to upgrade to an espresso machine that will last the rest of your life.

Pro 400 unique features

This espresso machine is not like the other espresso machines with heat exchangers in the market. The Pro 400 has a switch on the underside of the machine where you can choose brewing with or without pre-infusion, which has never been heard of before and is a unique function that only the Profitec 400 has. The term Pre-infusion means that you saturate the coffee puck with low brewing pressure before the espresso machine goes up to 9 bar real brewing pressure. By saturating the puck before, it has been proven that it gives a smoother and better brewing and results. On the underside, you can also activate or deactivate the ECO-mode function. Pro 400 and packed with lots of features in a compact and stylish design. You also have the option to switch between different colors of steam and hot water knobs.



  • - System with heat exchanger
  • - E61 brew group with sponge in stainless steel
  • - 3 preset modes for water and steam temperature
  • - Switchable pre-infusion
  • - ECO mode
  • - Adjustable expansion valve
  • - Dual meter for pressure in boiler and pump
  • - 1.6 l pan in stainless steel
  • - Stainless steel heating element
  • - Insulation of the boiler
  • - Vibration pump
  • - 2.8 l water tank with built-in adapter
  • - Automatic shut-off at low water volume
  • - Rotary valves with low wear
  • - High quality steam and hot water rods
  • - Removable cup tray
  • - Bracket for the blind filter under the drip tray
  • - Different colored valve discs are included

Power consumption
EU, UK, CH, AU: 230V / 1400 W
US: 115 V / 1400 W
Weight 18.5 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH):
228 x 448 x 372 mm without portafilter
228 x 558 x 372 mm with portafilter

What is included with the Pro 400?

  • 1 portafilter handle with a spout
  • 1 portafilter handle with double spouts
  • 1st filter basket single
  • 2 filter basket double
  • 1 cleaning filter basket
  • 1st tamper
  • 1 brush for the brewing group
  • Instruction manual
  • 3 pairs of colored valve discs


Experience a cafe-quality espresso at home. The Pro 400 is made of high quality and performance.

1 year warranty

With us, you get a 1-year warranty and help to get started with your espresso machine.

Secure payments and free shipping

We offer secure payments and free shipping to all over Sweden.

Do you want to know more about the Pro 400?

Learn more about the Pro 400

Get a gift with your PRO 400

We also offer to those who pre-order, a free Tamper, tamper mat and a 350ml milk jug, which together are worth SEK 1250.

Don't forget to combine a good grinder with your espresso machine!

A rule that all coffee enthusiasts follow is that the coffee is only as good as the grinder. Therefore, it is very important to combine a coffee grinder that is in the same league as your espresso machine.


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