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La Nuova Era Altea Hybrid 3-Group Commercial Espresso Machine

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La Nuova Altea Hybrid 3 Group is an espresso machine that has two automatic group heads as well as a traditional manual lever control group that is located in the middle. By manually pulling down the lever lever, you have full control over the espresso brewing. By being able to control preinfusion, brew pressure and brewing time, you have the opportunity to produce fantastic espresso drinks that ordinary automatic espresso machines cannot produce. At the same time, automatic espresso machines have the advantage of being able to stop the brewing in the right timing through their programmable volume buttons, which manuals cannot. With Altea Hybrid, you have the best of both worlds, by being able to brew manually with the classic lever lever and have access to two automatic brewing heads. Altea Hybrid is internally identical to Altea Vintage except that Hybrid has integrated a traditional liver controlled brewing group. Altea has a fantastic Italian design with traditional features that stand out from the crowd with its appealing large liver lever that allows a barista to have full control over the brewing. The espresso machine is suitable for all types of commercial activities such as bakery, café and restaurants.

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La Nuova Era Altea Hybrid 3-group has a classic Italian design and is suitable for cafés and restaurants. With a simple and stylish design, enormous cooking capacity, Altea Hybrid can brew cup after cup. There are two steam sticks that are heat insulated and one a hot water outlet for tea and americano. To facilitate the barista, Altea Hybrid has programmable volume buttons that always guarantee the same amount of espresso every time. There is also a manual mode if the barista wishes to have full control over the brewing. Each brew head can be programmed individually. Temperature stability is one of the most important parameters for a café and restaurant to guarantee the customer the same quality of coffee every time. Therefore, La Nuova Era Altea Hybrid E61 has brewing groups that are well thought out and provide a stable temperature when brewing again and again. Altea Hybrid has an extended distance between the spill tray and the brew head to make room for larger or higher latte glasses and also comes with a removable extra spill tray to reduce the distance. Altea Hybrid is a perfect choice for cafes, bakeries and restaurants that want to stand out from the crowd with an espresso machine with traditional features.

If traditional live control espresso machines

The first traditional lever-controlled espresso machine came in 1947. The advantage of a lever-controlled espresso machine is that no pump or electronic components are needed, but the pressure is built mechanically by pulling down the lever to achieve a construction thickness of 9 bar. By gradually pulling down the lever, you have full control over the brewing. Since no pump or electronic component is required, the traditional manual lever lever espresso machine is very quiet. Manual espresso machines also do not need a "Backflush" cleaning at the end of the session as only automatic espresso machines have a three-way valve. Another advantage of manual is that it stands out from the crowd with its beautiful long lever.


Number of groups


Weight (net)

70 kg


900 mm


500 mm


500 mm

Boiling capacity

21 L


4500 W

Type of pump


Heating system

Heat exchanger

Steam stick


Hot water outlet




Temperature control

Pressure switch

Electrical connection

400V 3x10A

Height-adjustable legs





La Nuova Era


Altea Hybrid

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