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Flair 58

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Flair 58 and Flair 58X

Flair 58 comes with an electrical heating unit.

Flair 58X is without electrical heating

Flair 58 is a fully manual "liver" espresso machine that focuses on producing the absolute best espresso. Apart from the heating elements in the brew heads, the Flair 58 has no other electrical components unlike the conventional espresso machines. Flair 58 has an industry standard commercial 58mm portafilter hence the name. This manual espresso machine focuses on the best results and quality by giving you full control over the brewing with the beautiful lever. The heating elements have three settings to give you temperature stability when brewing. The steel frame is robust and has wooden details for the portafilter and the handle for the lever. With a flair 58 you can unlock the potential of your espresso brewing!

What is included with Flair 58?

  • Puck screen
  • Pressure gauge
  • 58 mm Portafilter with 16-22 g filter basket
  • Control box for the heating element + wall socket
  • 58mm Tamper
  • Preheating lid
  • Drip tray
  • Funnel to brew head
  • Quick start guide

More information

Full-manual, professional, "lever pressure" espresso machine

Create cafe-quality espresso at home with precision through its completely manual process. With an integrated pressure gauge, you can create different types of espresso recipes with full control over the brewing pressure throughout the brewing. Because the lever provides direct feedback on what is happening in the puck, you can adjust the brewing in real time.

Increased user-friendliness

Flair 58 has a wide base for stability for brewing and has an extended lever to be able to brew under high brewing pressure. The lever has an ergonomic t-handle for comfort and control.

Premium and elegant

Flair 58 is built with only steel components and no plastic parts. The frame is made of black-bleached cast aluminum with a 5-year warranty on the metal components. Finally, flair has 58 wood details to give a premium feel.

Flair 58

Flair 58 is a completely manual espresso press of professional quality that is focused on maximizing the workflow and espresso from extractions at home. This latest gold standard in manual espresso has Flair's first industry standard 58 mm portafilter and a more robust frame and lever to facilitate extractions at higher pressures. 58 also includes specific upgrades to the preheating and workflow process requested by customers by providing our preheating temperature controller and our new valve piston, which includes a puck shield. Just set your brew head to one of three heat settings to ensure proper preheating and thermal control in each shot. Add your brewing water without having to remove the part!

Flair 58 is the gold standard in manual espresso from Flair. Unlock the true potential of your extraction.

Flair 58 is available in two variants that customers can choose from:

Our basic model with our beveled, low-flow basket of 18 grams.
Our model with extra basket that contains an extra straight-walled high-flow basket of 18 grams with high flow.
The low-flowing basket with 18 grams is perfect for all home brewers and enables a dosing interval of between 16-22 grams. This low-flow basket, compared to the Flair 58's standard basket with straight walls, enables a simpler adjustment process by allowing a coarser grinding for correct extractions, which increases the overall compatibility with a number of different grinders. The straight-walled basket requires a grind that mimics a commercial machine.


Through a manual process, you get an espresso shot that can not be compared anywhere else


Flair 58 is built to last a lifetime, made of cast aluminum and stainless steel with wooden details and comes with a 5-year warranty


We offer free shipping and fast delivery within 1-2 days


Watch the video below to see how you brew an espresso with a Flair 58.

Smooth and simple process

A well-designed brew head with electronic preheating, made of solid stainless steel, easy to clean, and that it fits all commercial 58 mm portafilter, which is every coffee enthusiast's dream. The brew head also has an upgraded valve plunger kit included, which gives the opportunity to fill the brew head without removing the pressure gauge, which in turn contributes to a smoother brewing process.

Full control

Flair 58 is a fun manual espresso machine where you have full control over all the variables involved in espresso brewing.

Café quality

With Flair 58 with an industry standard 58 mm portafilter you will be able to get fantastic café quality espresso at home.

Do not forget to add accessories!

Customer Reviews

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Sebastian Karlström
Flair 58

Har tidigare haft en halvautomatisk maskin, men med denna kunde jag nästan direkt göra espresso som var mycket godare än någon jag fått till i min tidigare maskin. Är så otroligt nöjd med denna. Att ha kontrollen på trycket gör att möjligheterna blir enorma. Har verkligen testat massa olika pressure profiles till olika bönor och det är riktigt intressant. Detta blir nog maskinen jag kör tills den dag jag har råd att köpa en Decent.

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