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Eureka Mignon XL Coffee grinder

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Mignon XL is an on-demand coffee grinder from Eureka with a built-in timer for perfect dosing of freshly ground coffee every time. The coffee grinder has two programs for single / double grinding times that are adjusted with high accuracy using the steplessly adjustable grinding degree, in addition, continuous grinding is available. The touch display simplifies the coffee grinding, and it also looks really nice. Mignon XL can grind 2.3-2.8 grams of coffee per second.

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Mignon XL has a small bean holder, space for 300 g of espresso beans, which means that in practice you can grind coffee to about 30 espresso per filled coffee grinder, however, it is not recommended to fill the entire bean holder. Only fill the grinder with a quantity of coffee that you will consume in the near future (a few days), this for the coffee and its aromas should not be oxygenated unnecessarily.

The stylish design of the Mignon XL means that it fits very well next to any type of espresso machine. The chromed metal matches nicely with all espresso machines in chrome design. The filter holder support is adjustable to fit all possible different filter holders.

The entry of espresso beans on the Mignon XL is adjusted with a flat tray that you can easily pull from or towards the grinder. If you want to remove the bean holder from the coffee grinder but there are still espresso beans left inside, you can push in the flat tray so that it covers the entire opening and then spin the bean holder upwards. This can be done to advantage if you want to clean the mill or assume that a problem has arisen in the mill.

To clean the Mignon XL, the prayer holder must be removed and a dose of Pulygrind must be poured into the grinder. Then place the prayer holder back in place. Grind the Pulygrind crystals together with coffee until no crystals come out of the grinder, a couple of portions are usually required. Cleaning should be done about once a month, but this of course depends on how well the grinder is used.

Mignon XL is equipped with flat grinding wheels of 65 millimeters in circumference which gives short grinding times and long durability. The degree of grinding of the coffee grinder can be adjusted steplessly with the help of a knob located to the right of the display on top of the body. If you want adjustment, turn the knob a little at a time. If you turn it clockwise, the coffee will be coarser ground and if you turn it counterclockwise, the coffee will be finer ground. Keep in mind that the more arabica you have in your coffee blend, the finer you usually want the coffee ground to achieve the best possible result. Consequently, the opposite is true for robust. If the Mignon XL coffee grinder is set appropriately, only a small change is usually needed. To check when the coffee grinder is set correctly, you can grind coffee into an espresso and then brew it. Try it out until the espresso is brewed at the right pace at the right time, 25 milliliters in 25 seconds is the target image.

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