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Since 1985

Pro 300 Small double boiler with PID

Pro 300 is a semi-automatic espresso machine with double boilers. Depending on your needs, the PRO 300 can be used as a single boiler. The advantage as a single boiler is the short heating time of 5 minutes to do


Introducing our new Profitec Pro 400!

Soon we will launch Profitec's latest model Pro 400! Here is information about this new model.

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Pro 500 Heat exchanger with PID

The classic design of the polished stainless steel housing with a high-class, solid E 61 brewing group is rounded off by the nostalgic rotary valves. These have low wear and are easy to handle thanks to the spring-loaded technology.


Pro 600 Dual boilers with PID

Pro 600 is an espresso machine with double pans and PID display, which can also be used as a machine with a single pan. Both boiler temperatures can be adjusted individually using the PID.


Pro 700 Dual boilers, PID and rotary pump

PRO 700 is a semi-automatic espresso machine with double pans and PID display. The temperature of both boilers can be adjusted individually.


Pro 800 a real classic

Our PID-controlled lever machine PRO 800 is not only a classic with its simple design but also provides an exceptional taste experience. Get the best possible espresso thanks to the pre-infusion provided by the massive brewing group and the special printing process.

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