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About Barista and Espresso

About us

Barista and Espresso is a sustainability-oriented online shop for coffee, espresso machines and accessories in Sweden, founded in 2021. We ship our products all over Sweden. Our vision and goal is to offer a climate smart alternative. Previously, there were only two choices when buying an espresso machine, either new or used. By providing the same guarantees and conditions as a new one, we can reuse existing resources and thus contribute to a more sustainable consumption without losing on quality and performance.

Our vision

We constantly strive to achieve our goals and vision and the three 3 main principles are:


We always strive for a climate-smarter solution.

Customer in focus

We always prioritize according to the customer's needs.

Perfect middle ground

A more environmentally friendly alternative with as high quality and performance as a new one with a 12-month warranty. No unpredictable risks that arise when buying a used one. So a perfect middle ground!

Why buy a reconditioned over a new one?


∙ The same shopping experience as a new one

∙ You help the environment by consuming sustainably

∙ You get a 12-month warranty and a 14-day right of withdrawal

∙ Cheaper for your wallet

How the idea came about

During the covid-19 pandemic when all schools and offices were closed, a greater interest was aroused in being able to brew espresso at home. After a deep dive online for an espresso machine, we quickly came to the conclusion that Sage espresso machines are the best in their price range and are also beginner-friendly for those of us who are new to espresso brewing. However, we realized that the price of a new Sage espresso machine was far too high for our budget and thus used was our second best option. With used ones, however, come several risks such as;

∙ No warranty

∙ Higher wear

∙ Functional defects

∙ Other unpredictable risks

We wanted to find a solution where we can eliminate the risk factor of shopping second-hand while being able to offer a more environmentally friendly alternative without losing on the quality and performance of the espresso machine.

What sets us apart from others?

Barista and Espresso is a unique online store with a business idea that has a vision to contribute to more sustainable consumption.

Find us

Billstavägen 74, Järna
15395 Sweden
Tel: (+46) 08-420 026 55

Weekdays, 09: 00-15: 30
Weekends, 10: 00-14: 30

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