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Shipping and delivery

Barista espresso

Sends goods as packages or letters within Sweden and to Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Spain, Germany, Austria and Norway.  We use DB Schenker, DHL, PostNord and UPS .  Orders are processed within 24 hours.  Products we have in stock are shipped in 1 - 4 days. Estimated delivery time 2 - 8 days.   Orders placed on Fridays and during weekends are usually shipped on Monday.   During  holidays delivery times may be slightly longer.

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Delivery and processing time

Our processing times are within 24 hours in normal cases. The exception for major weekends, sales and orders that take place on Friday afternoons and weekends. Should there be any delays, we will contact the buyer immediately

Delivery time is 2-8 days. The exceptions are Oracle and Oracle Touch, which is only an order item for 1-2 weeks. We at sell the espresso machines in different condition (new and refurbished) and in different colors and sometimes we do not have all variants in stock with us, but should the variant be with the supplier, we offer customers to order from us as an order item in 1-2 weeks. If the variant is not with us but can be ordered as an order item, it will be clearly displayed on the product page.

We cooperate with Postnord, DB Schenker, DHL, UPS

Track your shipments by download the Postnord app


Order and pick up from us

We offer the opportunity to pick up the orders with us on all orders placed on

  • Price: Always free

Download from us (Stocked goods webshop)
If all your goods are in stock, it is possible to pick up the order from us. We pick up the goods the same day you place the order. To be able to pick up your order from us, you need to select "Pick up" under shipping method at checkout. Please contact us at after you have completed the purchase. Remember to bring valid ID when you pick up your package. Bids show both identities.


We offer free shipping for the following:

  • We offerfree shipping for all purchases delivered to a Swedish address over SEK 5,000.

The shipping fee is based on the total weight of the order. We offer free shipping for all our espresso machines as well as small products and accessories that are ordered together with the espresso machine. See our price list below:

in Sweden

  • 56kr    for orders under 1kg
  • 99kr    (orders between 1 -1.99kg)
  • 125kr  (orders between 2 -2.99 kg)
  • 139kr  (orders between 3 -3.99 kg)
  • 145kr  (orders between 4 -4.99 kg)
  • 149kr  (orders between 5 -5.99 kg
  • 159kr  (orders between 6 -6.99 kg)
  • 169kr  (orders between 7 -7.99 kg)
  • 179kr  (orders between 8 -8.99 kg)
  • 185kr  (orders between 9 - 9.99 kg)
  • 220kr  (orders between 10 -10.99 kg)
  • 285kr  (orders between 11 -14.99 kg)
  • 330kr  (orders between 15 -20 kg)


  • 129kr    for orders under 1kg
  • 179kr    (orders between 1 -1.99kg)
  • 199kr  (orders between 2 -2.99 kg)
  • 219kr  (orders between 3 -3.99 kg)
  • 249kr  (orders between 4 -4.99 kg)
  • 279kr  (orders between 5 -5.99 kg
  • 299kr  (orders between 6 -6.99 kg)
  • 310kr  (orders between 7 -7.99 kg)
  • 325kr  (orders between 8 -8.99 kg)
  • 345kr  (orders between 9 - 9.99 kg)
  • 375kr  (orders between 10 -10.99 kg)
  • 475kr  (orders between 11 -14.99 kg)
  • 695kr  (orders between 15 -20 kg)


  • 129kr    for orders under 1kg
  • 216kr    (orders between 1 -1.99kg)
  • 351kr  (orders between 2 -2.99 kg)
  • 375kr  (orders between 3 -3.99 kg)
  • 390kr  (orders between 4 -4.99 kg)
  • 425kr  (orders between 5 -5.99 kg
  • 440kr  (orders between 6 -6.99 kg)
  • 460kr  (orders between 7 -7.99 kg)
  • 480kr  (orders between 8 -8.99 kg)
  • 499kr  (orders between 9 - 9.99 kg)
  • 525kr  (orders between 10 -10.99 kg)
  • 575kr  (orders between 11 -14.99 kg)
  • 675kr  (orders between 15 -20 kg)


Delivery time 2-7 days (may take one extra day for postcodes starting at 62 and 82-98)

Deliveries in Sweden:

Your goods are sent to the agent closest to the specified address. When the package has arrived at the agent, you will receive a notification and can pick up your package with the help of Swedish identification and package ID or four-digit number. Collection of orders can be handled in person or by courier. The bidder must then be able to present both his and the customer's identification.

Om delays in delivery should occur (without us notifying you of a longer delivery time), please contact us at e-mail address:

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