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That's why it's important to clean your espresso machine!

"How often should you clean your espresso machine?"

It's something we at Barista and Espresso have often been asked about.

You have just bought an expensive espresso machine and want to jump straight into espresso brewing but quickly realise that the machine gets easily dirty after a few uses of ground coffee grounds, milk etc. After a long period of use, deposits of lime residue and "Scale" which are residues of minerals form in the internal components and hoses. If this is not removed by regular cleaning, the performance of the machine and the coffee taste will drastically decrease and eventually lead to mechanical problems if not dealt with. This is why regular cleaning is important!

This applies to all Sage espresso machine models:

  • Barista Express
  • Duo temp (Pro)
  • Bambino Plus
  • Barista Pro
  • Barista Touch
  • Dual Boiler
  • Oracle
  • Oracle Touch

What cleaning products are available for the espresso machine?

To clean an espresso machine, cleaning tablets, descaling agents, milk cleaning and regular water filter changes are used.

#1 Cleaning tablets

After a number of brews, the machine will tell you when it's time to clean with cleaning tablets. Cleaning tablets remove coffee oils and residue. Keeps the machine in good condition and maintains the great taste of the coffee.

On the Barista Express there is a light called "Clean me" and on the pro there will be a text on the screen "Flush". All machines have different ways of reminding you but all have a pre-programmed cleaning program that you should start with the cleaning tablet in. See user manual. If the machine is not cleaned with tablets, the performance and taste of your coffee will deteriorate.

#2 Descaling agent

After several rounds of heating and cooling, scale and "Scale" will form in the system, leading to a bitter aftertaste in your coffee and lowering the performance of the machine. We recommend cleaning with descaling agent once a month. A ready-made cleaning program is available in the machines, please read the user manual.

# Milk cleaning

If you love to drink latte or cappuccino regularly, cleaning the milk frothing steam wand is a must! After many rounds of milk frothing, limescale, old milk can build up in the system. To keep your steam wand in top condition, we recommend blowing out with steam after each use and wiping the steam wand clean of milk residue with a damp cloth to avoid the milk from burning. We recommend cleaning the steam wand with milk cleaner at least every two months or even once a month. See user manual for instructions.

# water filter

We always recommend using well-filtered water for espresso brewing for the best results. However, the majority of people who purchase an espresso machine do not go to the extent of installing an additional filter system to their kitchen mixer and therefore it is extra important to change their water filter in the machine regularly! The harder the water, the worse for the machine and the quicker the filter gets dirty. We recommend changing the filter at least once every three months.

Table for cleaning intervals:

Every month

Every 3 months

Cleaning tablets

(Machine says)



Milk cleaning


Water filter change



Cleaning your espresso machine regularly removes residues of coffee oil, limescale, minerals and burnt milk. Which in turn maintains the goodness of the coffee and maintains the performance of the espresso machine.

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