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Rocket espressomaskin modell jämförelse

Rocket espresso machine model comparison

We've received more questions about the differences between the different Rocket espresso machine models. This is a comprehensive article that will give you the big picture on the important aspects that differ between the different models and can help you if you are looking for a new espresso machine or thinking of upgrading.

Rocket Appartamento

A very good espresso machine with a heat exchanger. It does not have PID temperature control and also does not have an insulated boiler. (An insulated boiler contributes to a more stable brewing temperature and is an important aspect for producing good espresso). The espresso machine has a vibration pump that cannot be water connected. A heat exchanger is suitable for people who like to make several coffee drinks with milk as it is possible to brew espresso and froth milk at the same time. Something to consider is that espresso machines with heat exchangers you have less control over the brew temperature and thus there are techniques such as flushing hot water from the brew group to maintain more stable temperature.

Cronometro V Mozzafiato and Giotto

Is a heat exchanger like Rocket Appartamento but has PID temperature control and has insulated boilers. Cronometro V also has rails made of metal at the cup tray unlike Appartamento which has plastic rails. The espresso machine has a vibrating pump and thus cannot be directly connected to a water source. The term Mozzafiato and Giotto is only a design difference and are identical espresso machines internally.

Rocket Cronometro R Mozzafiatio and Giotto

Are a heat exchanger, insulated boilers as well as with PID temperature control. The difference between the Cronometro V and R is that the Cronometro R has a rotary pump. The advantage of a rotation pump is that it has a longer life, is quieter and can be connected directly to water.

Rocket R Cinquantotto

The R Cinquantotto has a double boiler. So you have a steamer and a brew kettle separately unlike the other models which only have one kettle for both. The advantage of dual boilers is that you have more control over your brewing. Dual boilers can provide a great advantage when you change beans frequently and thus be able to fine tune the brewing temperature using PID control while not affecting the steam quality of the milk froth. This makes R
Cinquantotto a very fast and efficient espresso machine. One disadvantage is that because the espresso machine has dual boilers, the household coffee maker may not be able to provide full power to both boilers at the same time and if you brew many cups at once, the machine may need to recover to get back up to the correct brew and steam temperature. The espresso machine has a quiet rotary pump and has several functions in its touch screen and can be connected to a water source.

Rocket R60V

The R60V is yet another espresso machine with dual boilers. The main difference between the R Cinquantotto and the R60V is that the R60V has pressure profiling. This means that you have full control over the brewing pressure during the brewing process, allowing you to bring out tones of the coffee that usually could not be brought out with an espresso machine without the option of pressure profiling.
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