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5 Viktiga frågor innan du väljer en espressomaskin

5 Important questions before choosing an espresso machine

This article gives you a brief understanding of the issues that are important to ask before making a choice.

5 important questions

  1. How big is your budget for an espresso machine and coffee grinder? We recommend that you set aside approx. 40% of your budget for a coffee grinder. We explain why a little later in the article!
  2. What types of coffee drinks do you prefer? Big latte? A classic Italian Cappuccino? Pure espresso or Americano? Based on what your drink preferences are, we can more easily understand which type of espresso machine is right for you. A manual brewer, a heat exchanger or a double boiler.
  3. How many coffee drinks had you planned to brew one after the other? This question is relevant to understanding how much capacity the espresso machine needs to be.
  4. Have you measured how much space you have for your espresso machine and grinder? Are you thinking of connecting the espresso machine directly in the future?
  5. Do you have a favorite café? All cafes and restaurants have different choices of coffee and grinder. Therefore, it can be good to check with them what they use for coffee and grinder type to be able to recreate the flavors at home.


First of all, you need to know how much you had planned to budget for your new home cafe. Many people make the mistake of spending almost their entire budget on buying an espresso machine but forget that the coffee grinder is at least as important. We understand that everyone loves them fantastically built espresso machines with double boilers that can also be seen as a handmade work of art in the kitchen. However, we want you to be able to maximize and get the best out of your budget to be able to get the best coffee drinks at home. Buying the most expensive espresso machine does not necessarily mean that you get the best coffee. Rather, a setup where the coffee grinder can produce the precision of ground coffee that the espresso machine needs is at least as important! The choice of coffee beans also plays a big role! Therefore, we recommend that you set aside between 30 and 40% of your budget for a coffee grinder.

Choice of coffee drink

Our rule is that we do not want to sell something that we would not buy. All our espresso machines and grinders are fantastic and can produce extremely good coffee drinks. Depending on what your coffee preferences are, not all models will suit you. If you like larger coffee drinks with milk, such as caffe latte and brew several at a time, not all espresso machines will be able to do that. We want to ensure that all our customers get the best coffee experience at home. If you prefer large coffee drinks such as cappuccino, latte drinks, you need an espresso machine with a double boiler or a heat exchanger if you do not just need to brew one cup at a time. If you like to drink only espresso or Americano, we can recommend an espresso machine with a smaller heat exchanger or a manual brewer. Read more about themdifferent varieties of espresso machines here.


How often did you plan to use your espresso machine per day? Did you plan to use the espresso machine only for a morning coffee or several drinks throughout the day? Will you often offer your family and friends coffee and need to brew several at a time? All of these questions are important to know how much capacity the espresso machine needs to be for your needs. For only a few cups a day, one is enough smaller heat exchangers or a smaller double boiler. If you would like to brew several cups at a time for larger gatherings, you will need a larger double boiler. For example, if you had planned to brew two cappuccinos every morning and two cafés latte in the afternoon, we recommend a regular heat exchanger or double boiler.


Before you decide which espresso machine you want, do not forget to measure how much space you have at home! If you have not done so, do it now! The important measure is the depth and height that can be decisive. Then the height of the kitchen cabinet will determine which espresso machine you can buy. If you did not intend to connect the espresso machine directly, you will most likely need to fill the espresso machine from above as the internal water tank is usually located at the back and can be reached from above. If you intend to connect the espresso machine directly, it is important to choose an espresso machine that will allow you to do so. Click here to see which espresso machines we sell havepossibility of direct connection.

Choice of coffee grinder

The most important thing that many people forget is to prioritize the coffee grinder. Before you continueread this first!Now that you have read briefly about what there are for different types of grinders you will need to do some research. The most common question we get from customers is "Which grinder fits this espresso machine?" It is not the espresso machine that the grinder needs to match with, but your taste preferences! Start by looking at what your favorite café uses for the type of espresso grinder. Brands on the grinder are not as important as the type of grinding wheel and size. This will give you an indication of what you need for the coffee grinder to be able to recreate the flavors that you love. Taste and preferences are very personal and up to each individual. Do you want to see the most affordable and popular coffee grinder?Click here!


In summary, you need to think about these five points:

  • Budget
  • Type of coffee drink you prefer
  • The quality and amount of coffee you had planned to brew per day
  • Place
  • Choice of coffee grinder
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